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We gladly extend prayer and financial support to:

Continental Baptist Missions

CBM's mission is to provide support services for planting and developing biblically sound and spiritually healthy Baptist churches in North America. CBM was an instrumental partner to us in the first several years of our church. We are glad to reciprocate the support they provided us. We have financially supported CBM since January 2012.

Learn more about CBM by visiting their website. Download the CBM Church Plants and Developments bookmark/prayer guide to pray for present and prospective CBM works.

CBM Logo

David and Kristi Flinck

The Flinck family is church planting in Antofagasta, Chile. They serve with Gospel Missions of South America. We have financially supported the Flincks since July 2014.


You can keep up with the Flincks by liking them on Facebook and/or following them on Twitter.

Missions Committee

Don Diehl, Sheila Farkas, Karen Phipps (Secretary), Doug Roman (ex officio).

Missions Resources

Joshua Project | A prayer guide for unreached peoples

Operation World | A prayer guide for all nations

31 Days of Prayer | A daily prayer guide for the 10/40 window. This prayer guide is produced by Frontline Missions.

Dispatches from the Front | Videos displaying the work of the gospel in the most challenging parts of the world. These videos are produced by Frontline Missions.

Missions Manual | The missions manual of our church

Missions and Missions Commitments

The missional marching orders for every follower and church of Christ has not changed since He spoke what we know as the Great Commission two thousand years ago. A commitment to the mission of Jesus means a commitment to other aspects of missions work.


A commitment to missions means a commitment to prayer. The Lord called his followers to pray after He points out the need/ (Matthew 9:37-38). The Apostle Paul also asked for the prayers of the saints that the Lord would open a door of faith among the Gentiles (Acts 14:27; Colossians 4:3). So too we must pray for the Lord to send and prosper missionary activity.

Committing Resources

A commitment to missions means a commitment to assign resources to the task. The work of missions is fueled by faith. At the same time, resources are a necessity for missions. We will commit to setting aside financial resources to the work of missions. “For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. [8] Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth” (3 John 7-8; cf. Romans 15:24; Philippians 4:15).

Outreach to All Nations

A commitment to missions means a commitment to all nations. Jesus commanded that we make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19) for the sake of his name among all the nations (Romans 1:5). Therefore we must involve ourselves in the word of both home and foreign missions.

Church Planting

A commitment to missions means a commitment to church planting. We discover that a relatively new church in Antioch sends out missionaries to do the work of evangelism and church-planting. Church planting is an essential objective in missions.


A commitment to missions means a commitment to interdependence. We see churches of like faith sharing the responsibility of missions through cooperative work (e.g., the church at Antioch and the church at Jerusalem in Acts 19:11-30) and giving (e.g., the churches in Macedonia in 2 Corinthians 8:1-4). Therefore, we need to be committed to cooperating with churches of like faith and practice to advance missionary endeavors.

We will trust God as a church to enable the continual enlargement of our commitment to missions.